Dmitry A. Telnov

Dmitry A. Telnov


Research interests:
Theory of atoms and molecules in strong laser fields. The most important results include calculations of electron energy and angular distributions after multiphoton above-threshold ionization, analytic calculations of multiphoton detachment in presence of DC electric field, calculations of electron distributions and high-order harmonic generation spectra in two-color laser field, Floquet formulation of the density-functional theory and calculations performed within the framework of this theory. Recently the main research interests are focused on nonlinear ionization anf high-order harmonic generation in diatomic molecules. The time-dependent density functional theory methods have been used to calculate orientation-dependent ionization probabilities and harmonic spectra of multielectron diatomic molecules, including the contributions from inner electronic shells. Numerical algorithms based on the generalized pseudospectral method in various coordinate systems and sets of collocation points have been implemented to solve the time-dependent Schrödinger and Kohn-Sham equations.

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Department of Physics, St.Petersburg State University, 1 Ulyanovskaya St., St.Petersburg 198504, Russia

+7 812 428 7200