Dmitry A. Telnov

Dmitry A. Telnov


Research interests:
Theory of multiphoton processes in atoms and molecules. The most important results include calculations of electron energy and angular distributions after multiphoton above-threshold detachment of the negative ion H-, analytic calculations of multiphoton detachment in presence of DC electric field, calculations of electron distributions and high-order harmonic generation spectra in two-color laser field, Floquet formulation of the density-functional theory and calculations performed within the framework of this theory. Recently the main research interests are focused on multiphoton ionization anf high-order harmonic generation of diatomic molecules. A time-dependent non-Hermitian approach for calculations of complex quasienergies in monochromatic laser fields and methods for solving the time-dependent Schrödinger equation in pulsed laser fields have been developed. For one-electron molecule H2+, ab initio calculations have been performed. For multielectron diatomic molecules, the time-dependent density functional theory with proper long-range potential was used.

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Department of Physics, St.Petersburg State University, 1 Ulyanovskaya St., St.Petersburg 198504, Russia

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