Division seminar
18 June 2019 г.

Seminar starts at 12.00
Graduation works presentation of post-graduate students

(SPbSU, phys. depart.)

Division seminar
7 June 2019 г.

Speaker: I.A. Aleksandrov

SPbSU, phys. depart.

Talk: "Electron-positron pair production in strong space-time-dependent electromagnetic fields" (PhD thesis)

Division seminar
4 June 2019 г.

Seminar starts at 11.10
Course works presentation

(SPbSU, phys. depart.)

Division seminar
31 May 2019

Speaker: Prof. Alejandro Saenz

Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany

Talk: "Quantum simulation of strong-field physics with ultracold atoms"

Division seminar
24 May 2019 г.

Seminar starts at 11.10
Defences of the bachelor's and master's degrees

(SPbSU, phys. depart.)

Division seminar
17 May 2019

Speaker: I.S. Terekhov

BINP SB RAS, Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics of Siberian Branch Russian Academy of Sciences

Talk: "Study of effects in solid state physics and information transfer processes outside the framework of perturbation theory"

Division seminar
10 May 2019

To the 100th anniversary of the birth of G.F. Drukareva

Colleagues and students keep the memory of G.F. Drukarev as a great scientist, a talented teacher and a wonderful person.

Division seminar
26 April 2019

Speaker: D. Vasilyeva

SPbSU, phys.dep.

Talk: "Theoretical study of electron capture to low-lying continuum states of highly charged ions"

Speaker: D. Krapivin

SPbSU, phys.dep.

Talk: "Investigation of the processes of excitation and ionization of relativistic atomic and quasi-molecular systems in strong laser fields"

Division seminar
19 April 2019

Speaker: A.V. Oleynichenko

PNPI, NRC "Kurchatov Institute",
Moscow State University Department of Chemistry, Division of laser chemistry

Talk: "Relativistic Fock-Space Coupled Cluster Method for Model Spaces with Several Quasiparticles: Towards the Effective Computer Implementation"

Division seminar
12 April 2019

Speaker: P. Nosov

SPbSU, phys.dep.

Talk: "Y-junction of Luttinger-liquid wires coupled to acoustic phonons out of equilibrium"

Speaker: M. Kaygorodov

SPbSU, phys.dep.

Talk: "Relativistic calculations of the ground and inner-L-shell excited energy levels of berylliumlike ions"

Division seminar
4 April 2019, 15:30h

Speaker: Robert Berger

PhUM, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany

Talk: "Fundamental symmetry violations in molecules: From diatomics to polyatomics"

Division seminar
29 March 2019

Speaker: A.V. Volotka

HIJ, Helmholtz Institute Jena, Germany

Talk: "X-ray physics with atoms and ions: basic two-photon processes"

Division seminar
22 March 2019

Speaker: D.A. Malcev

PNPI, NRC "Kurchatov Institute"

Talk: "Generation of embedding potential for a cluster in crystal and its application to study the fersmite crystal, CaNb2O6"

Division seminar
15 March 2019

Speaker: Jacinda Ginges

The University of Queensland, Australia

Talk: "Atomic parity violation and the role of the hyperfine structure"

Division seminar
1 March 2019

Speaker: F.F. Karpeshin

VNIIMD.I. Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology

Talk: "The lifetime of the isomer nucleus 229Th"

Division seminar
22 February 2019

Speaker: I.I. Tupitsyn

SPbSU, phys.dep.

Talk: "Localization of electron states of Oganesson atom"

Division seminar
15 February 2019

Speaker: L.V. Skripnikov

PNPI, SPbSU, phys.dep.

Talk: "Study of the molecules electronic structure to extract the fundamental properties nuclei: Resolving the Bismuth Hyperfine Puzzle"