Vladimir M. Shabaev

Vladimir M. Shabaev

Head of Quantum Mechanics Division

Research interests:

  • Tests of fundamental theories in atomic physics
  • Development of new methods in relativistic theory of atom
  • Quantum electrodynamics of atomic systems
  • Lamb shift, hyperfine splitting, g-factor, and transition probabilities in highly charged ions
  • Parity-nonconservation effects in atoms
  • Precise determination of fundamental constants
  • Recombination, charge transfer, and electron-positron pair creation in heavy ion collisions
  • Electron-positron pair production in strong electromagnetic fields
  • Quantum electrodynamics in supercritical fields

Undergraduate and postgraduate students:
N.K. Dulaev, M.E. Groshev, M.Yu. Kaygorodov, A.M. Ryzhkov, I.M. Savel'ev

PhD theses under the supervision of V.M. Shabaev:
I.A. Aleksandrov, O.V. Andreev, A.N. Artemyev, V.A. Erokhin, D.A. Glazov, M.Yu. Kaygorodov, Y.S. Kozhedub, I.A. Maltsev, A.V. Malyshev, A.V. Mayorova, D.L. Moskovkin, N.S. Oreshkina, D.A. Tumakov, A.V. Volotka, V.A. Zaitsev, N.A. Zubova.

Recent publications 2000-2022

Invited talks at conferences, schools, and workshops 2000-2022

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V.A. Fock Institute of Physics, Section "I", room 431, phone: 4284552

+7 (812) 4284552

+7 (812) 4287240

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