Браун Пётр Александрович
Доклады на международных конференциях

  • P. Braun, F. Haake, S.Heusler, S.Mueller.
    Periodic orbit theory of conductance and shot noise.
    Workshop "Symmetry and Universality in Mesoscopic Systems", Bad Honnef, October 2-7, 2005.
    Invited talk.

  • A.Altland, P.Braun, F. Haake, S.Heusler, S.Mueller.
    New developments in periodic orbit theory of level correlation.
    International seminar and workshop (Dresden) Quantum Dynamical Concepts: From Path Integrals to Semiclassics, August 11 - 22, 2008.
    Invited talk.

  • P. Braun, S. Mueller, T. Nagao.
    Transport through chaotic cavities.
    Workshop "Mathematical Aspects of Quantum Chaos", Centre de Recherches Mathematiques in Montreal, June 2-7 2008.
    Invited talk.

  • P. Braun.
    Chaotic Conductors: random matrix theory results reproduced semiclassically.
    BIRS workshop Quantum chaos: Routes to RMT and beyond (Banff, Canada) 24-29 February, 2008.
    Invited talk.